Major Medical Insurance

For those under 65 years of age

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If you are under 65 years of age and need help with major medical insurance, call today to make an appointment for a free personal consultation to learn how we can provide for all of your health insurance needs.

  • Now you can get health coverage, guaranteed!²
  • May qualify for financial help³ to subsidize monthly premium!
  • $0 CoPay for Preventative care⁴ - no out-of-pocket costs for checkups, immunizations & more.
  • Powerful benefits including prescription drug benefits and hospital, emergency room and outpatient care.
  1. Not available in all counties.
  2. Applications are accepted during open enrollment or other qualifying SEP.
  3. Subsidies are available for QHPs sold through the Health Insurance Marketplace or its issuers.
  4. Nationally recommended preventative care services received in-network have no copay and no deductible requirement.

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