Home and Renters Insurance

Home and Renters insurance comes in many varieties and can cover many risks - including theft, fire, weather, and more. Each policy can be created to fit your needs and protect the things that are important to you. Different policies can also cover different structures. Whether it’s a house, mobile home, or apartment – we’ve got something to fit every need.

Has your premium gone up, or are you paying too much for your homeowners' insurance? At Universal Insurance Agency, we strive to protect your home and valuables at a reasonable rate. We understand that cost is a major factor when choosing your insurance. If you're looking for the minimal coverage to fit within your budget, we can help. We can craft a low cost policy that gets you the coverage you need, while fitting into what you can afford. No one should pay too much for homeowners’ insurance, and with Universal Insurance, you are guaranteed to get a great price and the right coverage.

Renters / Fire Insurance

Renters / Fire Insurance

In the event of a fire, break in, or other disaster, your landlord's insurance may not protect your electronics or other valuable property. At Universal Insurance, we offer policies that protect all contents of your home. Trust the professionals at Universal Insurance to secure insurance options that are within your means. We can help you save money, while still being confident in your insurance policy. Contact us for details.

Mobile Home / HOI

Landlord Insurance

If you are currently renting your home out, you may need a landlord insurance plan during the time you are renting out your property.

Landlord Insurance comes in two different types of insurance coverage; property insurance, and liability protection. Property insurance helps pay for damage to the house and property, including fire damage, wind, weather, or other damages.

Liability protection may help cover medical bills or legal costs if the landlords are found responsible for any injuries your renters may have suffered while renting the property. Contact us today to learn how landlord insurance may help save you money.

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