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We shop, you save. when it comes to insurance, Universal Insurance Agency, an independent insurance agency in Dayton, Ohio ensures the most your money can buy.

Where should you invest your retirement?

If you have your retirement money in highly liquid places that allow you access immediately, you’re paying a dear price for liquidity you may not need.


Comprehensive Health Insurance

You simply can't afford to be without health insurance. Universal Insurance Agency of Dayton, Ohio, works closely with you to help you find the most complete and affordable coverage available.

Universal Insurance Agency in Dayton, Ohio

We shop, you save. Whether it is Auto/SR22, Home, Affordable Health Care (Obamacare), Medicare, 401K Rollover or Life ... when it comes to insurance, Universal Insurance Agency ensures the most your money can buy. Having more than 50 years of combined experience, our agents will always go that extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Low Cost SR22 /Auto, Homeowner/ Renters

  • Do you have ACCIDENT FORGIVENESS on your policy?

  • Does your policy offer VANISHING DEDUCTIBLE?

  • Do you have $0 deductible Renters' Insurance?
  • If you haven't checked with us, you're missing out on many attractive features available and probably paying lot more than you should on your Auto, Home & Renters' Insurance. Poor credit, bad credit, no problem. Call today for your FREE QUOTE and receive a free gift (while supplies last)!

    What is SR-22 (also known as SR22 bond)

    SR-22 is not an insurance policy; it’s rather a financial responsibility attestation which proves that an individual has the minimum required liability insurance in force. An insurance policy or insurance card alone is not SR-22. Insurance provider automatically notifies Bureau of Motor Vehicle (BMV) when an SR-22 is cancelled, terminated or lapses. Once Bureau of Motor Vehicle (BMV) receives such cancellation notification from the insurance company, appropriate enforcement action will be taken which may include suspension of driving privilege.

    SR-22 can be filed for many different reasons, such as:

  • multiple citations for driving without insurance.
  • an occupational or essential needs driver’s license
  • an unpaid judgment for a liability claim
  • convictions for DUI of alcohol or drug

  • We shop, you save. To compare SR-22 insurance rates, contact us: 937-867-2368

    SR22 Insurance, Low Rate

    Life Insurance, Burial Insurance

    We know it's difficult to imagine a time when you won't be there to help / provide for your loved ones, which is why we offer convenient programs designed to meet your life insurance needs. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to life insurance. A low cost of $6.92 per month for $100,000 death benefit, 10year level term may be very attractive for a 30 yr old nonsmoker female; whereas a 50yr old may need coverage with built in cash accumulation (for emergency), with guaranty that premium never to go up and benefit never to go down.


    Medicare and Health Insurance

    Whether you are over age 65 or under, you simply can't afford to be without health insurance. There are Medicare and Medicaid coverage available for little or no cost for those who qualify; our certified agents are available to help find the most appropriate health coverage that fits your needs.

    We work with multiple major health insurance carriers, such as: Anthem BCBS, United Health Care, to name a few. Let's compare your options with each of those companies to find the right plan that best suit you. Call us to schedule a free no obligation consultation.

    Click below for under 65 health insurance quote:

    Disability/Long Term Care Insurance

    When you are disabled and can't work, who pays your salary? Specially if the disability occurs off the job, you may be out of luck. To make matters worse, without long term care insurance, extended stay in a rehabilitation facility may drain all your resources. Keep your paycheck coming and protect your assets/investments with appropriate Disability Income / LTC insurance . Low cost short term disability and nursing home plan is also available.


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